Nestaweya River Trail

Look for our blue fishing shack featured in the video, across from the Forks docks.

We plan to be on the river trail Fridays Saturdays and Sundays 12-6/8pm depending on staff willingness and weather. 

You get skis boots and poles.

Kids- $10 for a couple hours, $12 for a whole day, $17 for 2days, $22 for 3days. Children sizes EUR 26-36 available + step in kids skis for smaller sizes. 

Adults-$15 for a couple hours, $20 for a whole day, $30 for 2days, $40 for 3days. Sizes EUR 36-50 available + Nordic steps for larger sizes we have few of. 

Cash and card are both accepted. 

If you want to reserve ahead of time go to

Pick up ski rentals at the ski shack on Fridays & weekends, Thursdays pick up from our traincar location!

 Call if you need help 204-297-8962 

If you want to experience skiing for free this winter find our mobile ski library information on

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