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Every city bike deserves a front rack. 

Used and well loved, these front racks are one of the most popular items we sell. Price is for each rack. Installation is not included, but its easier than an Ikea bookshelf.. 

Made specifically for the long head tube of a Dutch bike, and meant to carry relatively loads, these racks with thick tubing provide a positive mount to the frame via the handlebars and the fork/axle. They are much stronger than the often janky and thin wire hanging baskets or racks you tend to find on North American bikes.

Toss a milk crate on it or some funky old wicker basket or wooden orange crate from the antique store and you have something timeless …and super useful too. 

These used front racks were all removed in the Netherlands from the imported bikes that came with one. Its mean, we know, but we do it to make room in the container for more bikes (shipppng air is dumb) and so, to make it fair, we sell them separately.

One can be yours. Some of them have rust, fair warning, but its an easy spray paint if you care and we recycle the ones that aren’t serviceable. 

If you want a specific colour, send us an email referencing your order, or pop by the shop in Winnipeg and we’ll see what we have! 

If you want the brand new shiny ones, we sell them too because we run out of the used ones often. Search the site for front rack, and grab one either way. Used or new, you won’t regret these.