IceTOOLZ Multi-Tool - Release 20

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Sweet little multi-tool with everything you need to fix a flat tire on a Dutch bike and then some. Pair this with a flat tire patch kit and a mini pump and maybe a spare tube (in case of valve issues or long tears in the rubber), toss it in a purse or pannier and say goodbye to walks of shame. Freedom. Unlike a lot of multitools out there meant for bike with all kinds of brakes and gears, this has just the basics, and has...wait for it....wrenches... Right? Revolutionary. Seriously though, for some reason many newer multi-tools often skip basic wrenches thanks to the quick releases on many racing or recreational bikes. This one, with its light and thin wrenches, is just a tad nicer than lugging a little crescent wrench around (although that would work too, of course.. just not as light, compact or sexy).  You may not need one now, but when you need one, you'll be glad you had one. 

The ''Release-20” has:

2x2.5x3x4x5x6x8mm hex keys
- screwdrivers
- 8~15mm spanners
- 14x15G spoke tools
- Weight: 176g.