Nordic/Speed/Clap Skate Sharpening

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Drop off skates by Monday for Friday pickup so they are ready for the weekend. Skate sharpening is done off site by our friend Mr. Geoff Heath.  A former competitive speed skater and a crackerjack bicycle mechanic, this fella knows a thing or two about steel and speed.

Nordic skate sharpening is done in batches each week.

Get your Nordic/speed/clap skates sharpened by someone who knows how. Not your average hockey skate, speed skates have a thin, long, flat blade surface with a square cross section. This type of skate is usually sharpened carefully by hand.

The cost of sharpening depends on skates the state of the blades and whether you sharpen them regularly. New blades and blades kept in good condition are easier to recondition than an old set left to rest in a closet.

Reconditioning old skates is definitely worth it; it just takes a little longer and therefore costs more. It suffices to drop off your skates and leave them with us so they can be assessed; we will typically call you if basic sharpening won't suffice.