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We use 'Plain Bicycle PLUS' as a catch-all term for any secondhand bicycles that are not single-speed coaster (back-pedal) braking omafiets. These bicycles come in diverse geometries and frame-styles (traditional omafiets, touring, kruisfiets, etc.), typically with multi-speed internal gear hub drivetrains, and/or with cable actuated hub or rim brakes.

Please add notes to order with what you are looking for in terms of frame style, gearing, and handbrakes/coaster, and we will be in touch.

Starting at $520.00

*Container 2022 update, we have had to increase the price of our bicycles to reflect the rise in cost of trans-Atlantic shipping.

*New for Late Summer 2022, upgrade any 50cm+ bicycle to a new 3-speed Shimano Nexus coaster for the price of a standard plain bicycle + $200.00 = $620.00 (additional costs may apply)