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We use 'Plain Bicycle PLUS' as a catch-all term for any secondhand bicycles that are not single-speed coaster (back-pedal) braking omafiets. These bicycles come in diverse geometries and frame-styles (traditional omafiets, touring, kruisfiets, etc.), typically with multi-speed internal gear hub drivetrains, and/or with cable actuated hub or rim brakes.

Have a look at our secondhand category to see some of the completed bikes!

Please add notes to order with what you are looking for in terms of frame style, gearing, and handbrakes/coaster, and we will be in touch.

Starting at $520.00

*Container 2022 update, we have had to increase the price of our bicycles to reflect the rise in cost of trans-Atlantic shipping.

*New for Late Summer 2022, upgrade any 50cm+ bicycle to a new 3-speed Shimano Nexus coaster for the price of a standard plain bicycle + $200.00 = $620.00 (additional costs may apply)