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The Plain Bicycle - they’re anything but.

Secondhand Plain Bicycles are the bikes that put Plain Bicycle on the map - and made a lot of people very happy! These are upright, tough, comfy bikes meant to last generations. Omafiets and other practical step-through city bikes are the bicycle of choice for millions of people heading to work or school every morning around the world. They were rare in North America - until now.

Every year in the Netherlands, thousands of abandoned Dutch bicycles are impounded and auctioned off. Our team travelled to overseas to hand-pick our favourites and shipped them back to our Winnipeg warehouse, where our team of mechanics have put blood, sweat and tears into restoring them to working order.

Each Plain Bicycle is, well, plain. It is guaranteed to have a rack, fenders and a kickstand. It will have a reliable, low-maintenance single speed drivetrain with a coaster brake. It will be whatever colour it is, and will likely have a patina of scratches, stickers and rust spots that tells the story of its previous owners - and now it’s your turn to be the main character.

A Plain Bicycle is ideal for anyone who just wants a solid, practical bike for living everyday life. Even if you already have something sporty, you may find yourself letting the peloton race ahead for a while as you head for coffee down the street. We guarantee you'll discover all kinds of reasons why almost 18 million Dutch folks own at least one of these bikes, and you'll find out why it is often both their first - and last - one.

So get your own pre-loved Plain Bicycle now. Keep it for a lifetime. You just plain won’t regret it.



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