Spanninga Vena XB Rear Light – Battery – Fender Mount

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The Vena is a brilliant fender mounted battery tail light. Designed to be strong yet compact, the Vena sits seamlessly on the fender keeping the lines clean and the visibility high. It’s built tough to be more integrated and handle all of the shocks of the bumpy roads you may encounter. Most importantly it is impressive for its light output. Its lighting system provides the necessary source of road illumination from the rear and also from the sides, increasing visibility all around the bike and therefore its safety. A small package yet able to withstand the abuse of the city, the Vena is the go to for fender mounted taillights.

  • Light source: 1 red LED > 8 Cd
  • Power source: Batteries 2 x AAA 1.5V
  • Autonomy: > 70h
  • Battery Load Indicator: Yes
  • Functions: On / Off
  • Weight: <50g