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An all-round workhorse, this classic omafiets-style upright bicycle is a favourite of many bike rental fleets in The Netherlands. The same basic design has informed bike sharing all over the world.

In 2022, we got our hands on a few dozen Batavus Personal bikes in a warehouse just outside Amsterdam and we fixed them up for you to rent!

The Batavus Personal bike differs from the classic "omafiets" in a few small ways. First, you may notice the big stencil-cut numbers on the low instep.

That makes each one "unique" (and easy to track down..). The handlebars are also slightly wider.

They are meant to fit many different sizes of people. These bikes lend themselves well to riders of a wide range of heights, from about 5'0" to 6'+ or more. They have large diameter tubing too - all of which is precisely why they make great rental or bike share bikes.

Most importantly, like all Dutch bikes, they are comfortable and built to last. A great bike for cruising the city with friends and family.

These bikes have been ridden for decades on another continent and each is unique. They come in a variety of colours, often with stickers in Dutch that give their provenance away.

Grab one and have fun!