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Commit to the car-free lifestyle with a Kr8.

Need more cargo space than a regular Fr8 City Rack or Massive Rack? Check out our universal Kr8 Bakfiets. Jam pack this baby with up to 80 kilos of whatever you need to transport around town. A bakfiets is an ideal way to transport goods, groceries, tools or whatever you need around the city. The majority of Kr8s are used for family transport but many small businesses have also proven its value as a heavy-duty transporter. A WorkCycles Kr8 is an investment, but a great solution for a practical, comfortable and durable vehicle that will provide years of reliable service in all conditions. Like the Fr8 and Gr8 bicycles, the Kr8 also has a modular frame design, superb ergonomics, and various options and accessories.

Please note that while the Kr8 pictured has disc brakes, the one we offer has Nexus roller brakes.


  • Shimano 8 speed premium internally-geared hub, for perfect cadence at any speed or load.
  • Front and rear BR-C6000 roller-brake, a low-maintenance braking system for exceptional performance in any weather.
  • Dynamo-powered LED lighting for front and rear visibility.
  • Heavy duty kickstand provides exceptional balance and stability for parking and loading.
  • The vintage-inspired Ondina saddle is generously padded with Royalgel™ which guarantees the highest level of comfort.
  • Schwalbe Kr8 balloon tires: 50mm Big Apple front tire, 55mm Big Ben Plus rear tire provide exceptional comfort and durability for city and gravel riding.
  • Union SP828 pedals have a wide, ridged nylon platform that offers grip in wet conditions and is very slip-resistant.