Bike Repairs and Consultations

We fix more than just plain bikes!

Does your bike need a few repairs? We can fix your bike without selling you repairs you don't need. Most bikes could use a check up 2 months after purchase. If we see that your bike doesn't need a full tune up, we wont waste your money doing work it doesn't need. 

Walk-ins accepted, we can fix a flat anytime.

See our contact us page to call ahead and check for availability of parts and turnaround time. 

When do you need a full tune-up?

When it makes the most sense for both you and your bike. You may come into the shop after hearing a new annoying sound coming from your bike. After further inspection we may find that the bike may have other issues going on aside from the original issue you came in for. If this is the case for you, we will always let you know what to expect before you get the bill. If our estimates on cost are too high, we can always pull back what we repair to make the bill fit your budget. 

Here is some of "a la carte" services we can provide. 

  • Flat tire repairs
  • Wheel truing and new wheel installations
  • Brakes and shifting adjustments
  • Hub overhauls
  • Chain cleaning and replacement
  • Bottom bracket replacement or adjustment
  • Accessory installation
  • Specialty hub servicing (roller brake, internally geared shamano nexus and Sturmey-Archer)

What to expect.

First you can give us a call. On that call tell us what is wrong with your bike and we can make an appointment for you to drop off your bike. When the bike is dropped off we will do our inspection and give you an idea on what your bike needs. After we get started the bike will be in our shops for a few days while we fix it. Once it is ready we will give you a call to come pick it up! 

Need a loaner while we fix your bike? 

Is your bike your only means of transportation? We get it, we are bike commuters too. We can give you a loaner Dutch bike from our rental fleet. This way you can keep biking as much as possible with little down time. We do require a deposit on the bike that will either be returned to you or taken off the cost of your repair. You are in charge of repair costs while you are loaning a bike, and if its lost of stolen you are responsible for the total value of the bicycle loaned. 

How much will it cost? 

For the classic "Tune Up" we charge $70! What do all of these services include? We adjust brakes, shifting, and inflate your tires, check your hubs and wheels, and we can give you an idea on which parts need replacing soon. Does not include cost of new parts or installation. 

If your bike needs replacement parts and a tune up, we offer a Tune Up Plus. This is for bikes that have been loved for many years and have started to wear out. With your approval, we will replace what needs replacing, install new parts, and tune your bike. This service is our best value as it caps your labor expenses at $100. Just like our other tune up, all parts are extra. 


Important Notes: 

Tune-ups do not cover the cost of replacement parts.

Repairs requiring a quote are subject to a $30 charge which will be credited to the repair, after the repair has been completed within 30 days of the quote. 

Please pick-up your bike after you have been notified of it's completion within 14 days.  Bikes left longer than 2 weeks are subject $2/day storage fees.

Bikes left longer than 90 days are considered abandoned and may be donated or sold to cover the cost of the work completed.