Cargo Bicycles

Kids, kegs, sofas, mobile shops - whatever you want to haul, cargo bikes can do it. 

We like these. They're upright riding, comfortable, robust, beautiful and simple; like an Omafiets. 

Christianias originally came from Copenhagen's Freetown district of the same name. Now they're made on an island called Bornholm off the Danish coast by a small team of really nice folks. An origin of the species, we have their "Nobox" cargo trike, as well as the Model "2000" Long John - a two-wheeled cargo bike with a low-slung box. You can buy the trike and make your own box, flatbed it, whatever you like - or we can build you a custom enclosure. The Model 2 always comes with a box.

Workcycles come from the Netherlands. They're practically similar, functionally the same. Workcycles Kr8s come standard with all the extras - dynamo hub, lights, canopy/hood, benches and seats for child passengers, and a durable gloss black paint job. 

Think of Workcycles like a luxury vehicle, a complete solution for living the car-free lifestyle; the Christianias are also top-notch, albeit the stripped-down utilitarian version, ready for customization.