Canadian Orders

We are now shipping bicycles within Canada!

In order to ship at an economic cost, the bicycles will require assembly upon reaching the destination. We recommend bicycles to be assembled by a mechanic, but the mechanically savvy person can accomplish this.

The following will have to be assembled following delivery:


  1. Front Fender
  2. Front Wheel
  3. Handlebar/Stem
  4. Left Crank
  5. Right Pedal
  6. Saddle & Seat Post
  7. Rear Rack


Bicycle shipping cannot be combined, however we can typically fit a few upgrades into the box with the bike, like a front rack, frame mounted saddle.


Bicycles are completed (repaired, then disassembled) on a made-to-order basis. All bicycles will be shipped within 7 business days of order being made, with the exception of Plain Bicycle PLUS, which can take up to 14 days to fulfill.



For anyone outside of Canada you can still register for our shipping waitlist below:

to open the survey and shipping waitlist in a separate window, click here.