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Be part of a bike culture explosion.

We are the biggest source of new and used Dutch bikes in North America.

Everything we sell is meant to help you move effortlessly around your city. Shop for a bike imported from the idyllic streets of The Netherlands, buy yourself a new Dutch bike, treat your family to a powerhouse cargo bike or get your hands on just about any hard-to-get cycling accessory you can imagine - from running lights to cargo racks to baby seats.

Better yet, we are a non-profit social enterprise. That means our work doesn’t end with getting you the perfect bike. We are advancing the best in mobility ideas both at home and around the world. We are a tireless voice for excellent bike lanes and human-scale cities and we won’t stop until things change for the better. Learn more about our mandate, our parent organization Winnipeg Trails and the work we do by going here.

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Renting or Trying?

Your mobility is our priority. Come down. Try a bike. Want to keep it for an afternoon, day or week? We rent just about everything we sell including plain bikes, cargo bikes and kicksleds.

Bicycle Garden - 267 Sherbrook St

Our first brick and mortar retail space, the Bicycle Garden began as a COVID response and pop-up. It is home to Plain Bicycle, a social enterprise that supports Winnipeg Trails' non-profit work. It has been extended by popular demand and we may just keep it going forever. 

Come on in. Try a plain bike or a cargo bike. Shop for bags, bells, baskets, dog carriers—everything designed for life a spent moving by bike. The Bicycle Garden is both cultural hub and store, so if you are thinking about changing your life and aren’t quite sure where to start, come on down and let’s have a conversation!

Plain Bicycle at the Forks (Railcars)

Winnipeg trails started at the Forks, and now we're back for good with Plain Bicycle! The address is 1001 Fort Gibraltar Trail, but everyone knows it as The Forks.

Look for the antique red and green railway cars near the big red smokestack, in the main parking lot beside the Forks market. Many longtime Winnipeggers will remember it as the old "Sugar Mountain" location, but we sell pure eye candy.

We import, manufacture, build, rebuild, repair and sell the world's best bicycles and cargo bicycles all year round!

Not to be confused with our friends at the WRENCH, who operate kick-ass DIY mechanics programming and recycling and offered refurbished bike sales in the old boxcars across the lot.

In winter, we host a By-Donation Ski Library and run the city-wide ski grooming project known as Winter;Peg.

Why choose one of our pre-loved Plain Bikes?

Plain Bicycle - pre-loved plain bikes from the Netherlands. These are the bikes that made this project famous (and a lot of people very very happy). They are upright, tough, comfy bikes meant to last generations. "Omafiets", as they are lovingly called in the Netherlands, are the bike of choice for millions of people heading to and from work,school, or the grocery store everyday around the world. They were rare in North America - until now. 

Each plain bike is, well, plain. It is guaranteed to have a rack, fenders and a kickstand. It will stop. It will go. They are usually single speed coaster, back pedal brake. This ensures you have little to do with your hands except steer and watch your city cruise by. Perfect for window shopping, or bringing home a 12 pack, or piling on a sack of rice or potatoes, or maybe that handsome young gal or fella whom you just met. You can even add a couple seats to a carry a couple little ones wherever they need to go the healthy and fun way. 

A plain bicycle is ideal for anyone who just wants a good bike. Even if you already have a something sporty, you may find yourself letting the peloton race ahead for a while as you head for coffee down the street. We guarantee you'll discover many reasons why almost 18 million Dutch folks own at least one of these bikes. You'll find out why it is often both their first, and last one. So get your own pre-loved plain bike now. Keep it for a lifetime. You simply will not regret it. 

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Visit plain bicycle

The Bicycle Garden
in the West End
267 Sherbrook St.
Between Portage Ave and Broadway main level of Sherbrook Flats.
Hours and Directions
Phone: (204)-306-4737


Plain Bicycle Train Car
at the Forks!
1001 Fort Gibraltar Trail
In the antique train cars in the main parking lot across from the Forks Market.
(AKA the old Sugar Mountain candy train!)
Hours and Directions




Quick turnaround on some bike maintenance. Excellent service, quality products, and friendly people. Highly recommend!

Oliver K.

Fantastic shop - incredibly helpful employee did all she could to get me out of a jam when a bike from a different shop left me stranded nearby. I will be returning!

Evan E.

Leigh Ann was able to replace the chain on my dutch bike during a walk-in. Great bikes, great service, and great location. A must visit!

Matthew H.

These guys deserve more recognition! Dutch bikes FTW!

Victor S.

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