Animal Rear Basket With Cage

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Animal Rear Bike Basket BASIL Pasja - Medium Size (45cm) - Wicker  

This convenient umbrella attaches to your bike baskets when fitted to the rear of your bicycle basket and fits perfectly with the Basil Pasja animal basket. If you regularly take your dog with you while you’re cycling, this practical accessory is a must, especially if your dog is more energetic in nature. Don’t leave anything to chance and ensure you and your dog are always safe and sound, whether it’s a short trip to the shops, or a longer bike ride across town. This wire dome is made from durable steel for longevity and offers a secure top to keep your dog and other small pets safe and sound. 


  • animal rear bike basket
  • wicker
  • medium size 45 cm
  • removable
  • with universal clamp device SENNA
  • suitable for many models luggage carriers and different tube-diameters (ø6-20 mm)
  • varnished natural


  • This handy wire dome prevents your dog from leaping from its basket while you cycle.
  • The Pasja dome fits perfectly with animal baskets from the Pasja range with diameters of 45cm.
  • Steel construction and slick black finish.