Burgers Single-Speed Omafiets

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The Burgers Omafiets are a fine Dutch bicycle that might be the last bicycle you ever need.

There’s something to be said for classic Dutch design, and these Burgers omafiets have it in spades. Quality craftsmanship and elegant touches help these bikes to stand out almost as much as their simplicity allows them to blend in.

These new bicycles were built to last. We trust in them. Our friends love them. Unfortunately once we are sold out, we are unable to order them again. This model has a single-speed drivetrain with a coaster brake - less moving parts means less maintenance and more reliability.

  • A low-maintenance single-speed drivetrain with coaster brake provides reliable performance and stopping power in any conditions.
  • Front wheel has a Shimano dynamo that powers the integrated LED headlight, with a battery-powered taillight for visibility at night.
  • Fenders and a Hesling fully-enclosed chain case protect your drivetrain - and your clothing - from the elements.
  • Rear rack allows you to pack a pannier bag or mount accessories like crates or children’s seats.
  • An AXA frame lock allows you to secure your rear wheel and prevent it from rolling, deterring theft. If you are especially concerned about theft, our team highly recommends adding an AXA Defender frame lock and an AXA Defender Plug In Chain RLC Plus to your order.
  • Black steel rims and Dutch Perfect 40-635 (700B) tires provide a comfortable ride. (Tires are black, not cream as shown in photo.)
  • Black seat and grips (Not brown as shown in photo).