Christiania Standard and Custom Boxes

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Standard Boxes

Handcrafted box of 9mm Baltic Birch reinforced with 1/8" Aluminium angle and stainless steel hardware. Accepts all Christiania accessories. Includes one bench at the back of the box (close to the driver).

We us traditional methods to impregnate the wood with a natural linseed oil, then paint with linseed oil paint for maximum durability (guaranteed for 50 years with minimal conditioning). We're proud that our method yields no off cuts or by product. All our paints meet stringent European safety and environmental regulations. 


635mm wide x 900mm long ; 550mm high at the back and 450mm high at the front of the box. 


All boxes are made to order; depending on colour and availability of materials, boxes can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month to fabricate. Almost anything is possible—give us a shout.