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The 60+cm bikes are 'opafiets' style with a horizontal top tube (not step through).

"The" Plain Bicycle - pre-loved Dutch bikes imported from the Netherlands for YOU. These are the bikes that made this project famous (and a lot of people very very happy). These are upright, tough, comfy bikes meant to last generations. "Omafiets", as they are lovingly called, are the bike of choice for millions of people heading to work or school every morning around the world and especially Holland. They were rare in North America - until now.

What began as a "culture bomb" intended to introduce every day Dutch bike culture to Winnipeg grew into a social enterprise that supports the trail and bike way building efforts of Winnipeg Trails and makes the city itself a little nicer one bike at a time. Each plain bike is, well, plain. It is guaranteed to have a rack, fenders and a kickstand. It will stop. It will go. They are usually single speed coaster, back pedal brake. This ensures you have little to do with your hands except steer and watch your city cruise by. Perfect for window shopping, or bringing home a 12 pack, or piling on a sack of rice or potatoes, or maybe that handsome young gal or fella whom you just met. You can even add a couple seats to a carry a couple little ones wherever they need to go the healthy and fun way.

Yours will be whatever the colour it is..but sometimes splashed with a few touch ups or something outrageous to make it stand out from the 10000 other bikes just like it outside the train station. Scratches, rusty spots and dents mark the passage of time and years spent outside in the rain, waiting faithfully for its owner to go for a spin. These bikes are meant to be overlooked in a sea of bikes. These are more get-it-done than flashy and for less than a car payment, you can't go wrong..

A plain bicycle is ideal for anyone who just wants a good bike. Even if you already have something sporty, you may find yourself letting the peloton race ahead for a while as you head for coffee down the street. We guarantee you'll find discover all kinds of reasons why almost 18 million Dutch folks own at least one of these bikes. You'll find out why it is often both their first, and last, one. So get your own pre-loved plain bike now. Keep it for a lifetime. You simply will not regret it. 



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