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A transport bike with your child in mind.

Originally intended as a robust city bike the Gr8 has many of features common with our Fr8 bicycle. Therefore making it a practical solution for a one child family in need of a do-it-all family transport bike. The Gr8’s frame is more compact than the Fr8 and tuned for riding with a lighter load. With its shorter frame, smaller tires, thinner tubing, fenders, rear carrier and several other parts it's much lighter than the Fr8 without sacrificing stiffness or strength. Carrying one child on the front or on the back does not affect the handling. There is enough room to mount a Yepp mini up front or a rear seat like the Qibbel. The Yepp mini is for a child of 9 months to around 3 and a half years and the Qibbel rear seat is for a child of 9 months to around 6 years. The Gr8 isn’t suited for a two child family like the Fr8, but if you only need to carry one child on the bike it’s a sweet setup. The mounting points for the front and rear carriers are the same on both Fr8 and Gr8, add a large crate to the front carrier for all your shopping and gear.


  • Shimano 8 speed coaster brake, for perfect cadence at any speed.
  • Front BR-C6000 roller-brake, a low-maintenance braking system for exceptional performance in any weather.
  • Dynamo-powered LED lighting for front and rear visibility.
  • Chaincase encloses the drivetrain and protects it from the worst that the elements will throw you in any season.
  • Hebie 2-leg kickstand provides exceptional balance and stability for parking and loading.
  • Pick-up front carrier: This wide frame-fixed removable front carrier gives you extra cargo capacity without compromising steering control.
  • The vintage-inspired Ondina saddle is generously padded with Royalgel™ which guarantees the highest level of comfort.
  • Schwalbe Big Apple tires: Sized for comfort while city or gravel riding.
  • Union SP828 pedals have a wide, ridged nylon platform that offers grip in wet conditions and is very slip-resistant.