Zandstra Delta Nordic Blades

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Nordic skates you can mount Rottefella or Salomon Screw-in bindings on! Reuse your ski boots to go skating on frozen ponds, canals, or ovals. The "Delta Fit-All" Fits all screw in bindings and comes with the hardware needed to mount Rottefella or Salomon screw-in bindings Be they XC or BC bindings. This means you can grab your cross country ski boots (boots for skate technique with ankle support) and hit the rinks. Your heel is unattached to the blade allowing you to further extend your push and get the "clap skate feel". Surprisingly easy to get the hang of using. Cornering and skidding is fun on these if skating in a straight line becomes dull. Bindings are bolted to slots that allow you to slide the bindings to your preferred position on the blade depending on the balance you prefer.  

Boots and bindings sold separately