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You can have any colour you like, as long as its black.

An inexpensive, good quality, brand-new classic omafiets bicycle, this bike features a solid steel frame intended to be ridden hard and left outside in the elements. Like all omafiets, this classic Dutch bike is the go-to choice for an entire country and is design to provide the most comfortable bike ride of your life. Fenders are not an accessory, they are a necessity, so they come with them. The easy-to-straddle step-through frame is non-gendered, and meant for anyone who wants a bicycle that's easy to hop on and off.

It comes in two sizes. Choose the smaller 50cm version if you are 5'2"-5'10" (or if have an inseam between 27" and 30"). Choose the larger 56cm version if you are about 5'10"-6'2" tall - or if have an inseam 30" to 33". If you are of the shorter persuasion and your inseam is 29" or shorter, your best new bike option might be the Wheelerz 26” Dutch bicycle.

Imported from the Netherlands and made in Turkey to Dutch specifications. Ride it away from one of our two Winnipeg locations or have it shipped to you 85% assembled.



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